Urban Gemischter Satz, Austria

Urban Gemischter Satz is a very interesting wine with an amazing mix of flowers and fruits in both mouth and noose. No oak in this wines,  all the different grapes give this wine its personality.

The tradition, when making Gemischter Satz is that you can use many different grapes, in this wines they have used 5 grapes which are:

Riesling 50%, Grüner Veltliner 20%, Pinot Blanc 19%, Chardonnay 10% and traminer 1%.

All these grapes are picked at the same time and were mixed. It is not like a normal blend where each grape is made to a wine and then blended with other grapes.

It is a perfect wine for buffet but pairs great with a fresh salad or why not salmon.

Price per bottle: 95 DKK

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