H* del Sur Gran Reserva

H* del Sur Gran Reserva 2014 is made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Valle de Colchagua in Chile.

The wine has been matured for 14 month in French Oak and has an alcohol level of 13,8 %.

The wine has a deep ruby red color and an elegant bouquet. In this wine you will find the ripe berries well joined together with sweetness and spiciness from the French oak.

The excellent velvety structure with the long finish in the month makes this wine a winner.

We recommend this wine to be served at 18 degrees Celsius and accompanying red meat.

We recommend you to decant these wines or at least open it some hours before enjoying. This will help all the flavors to open up in the wine.

Price per bottle: 180 DKK

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