Siete Fincas Brut Nature

Siete Fincas Brut Nature is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine. The sauvignons blanc grapes to this wine comes from San Carlos in Mendoza.

Siete Fincas Brut Nature has  a low alcohols level of 11,9% and small nice bubbles. This elegant sparkling wine presents a good acidity along with grapefruit, pear and asparagus. Siete Fincas Brut Nature is a nice wine to drink on its own or to pair with cheeses, fish and seafood or cold meat. We recommend you to serve it cold, around 5 degrees Celsius. We also recommend you to open it just before drinking as it has a big chance to disappear very fast.

There is only produced 8000 bottles of this wine. See also our Siete Fincas Sauvignon Blanc.

Price per bottle: 135 DKK

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